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As a coach, you can create an export of all the assignments submitted by a participant in a learning program. All assignments are listed in the participant’s portfolio overview. This way, you don’t have to download each assignment separately if you need them for another portfolio of the participant. You can also share these with the participant if their subscription has expired, but the participant would still like to view the completed assignments.


Follow these steps to create an export of the portfolio:

Please note that this can only be done per specific elective. It is not possible to create an export of the entire portfolio in the coach environment.

  1. Click on the relevant participant within your list of participants.
  2. Select the learning program for which the student has been linked to you and for which you want to create an export.
  3. You will immediately see the complete portfolio with the current status of the assignments. Click on the three blue dots Schermafbeelding_2023-04-19_om_16.15.05.png in the top right corner and then select 'Export portfolio'. Click on the blue button 'Create new export'.

    The export will be prepared for you to download. While the export is being prepared, you can see the date of the day you created the export and the expiration date. After the expiration date, it will no longer be possible to download the export. If you see that the export has expired, you can click on “Create new export” again. Depending on the size of the portfolio, it may take a little longer for the export to be prepared.

  4. The export is ready once the status of the export has turned green and shows “Completed”. You can now click on the download icon. The file will be automatically saved in your “Downloads” folder on your computer. You can open the portfolio within your downloaded files on your computer.




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