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At the top of your screen, you will always see a menu bar, regardless of whether you are on the home screen or on another page. The menu bar may look something like this, but it can also have a different color or logo. The menu bar has several functions.



1. The main menu

On the left of the logo, you will find the button to open the main menu. This button looks like three horizontal lines. Through this menu, you can view your total portfolio and the contact details of your point of contact, and return to 'My Learning Programs' from any place on the platform.




2. Return to the home screen

When you click on your school's logo in the top left, you return to the home screen. The home screen displays all learning programs that you follow.

3. Notifications

In 'Notifications' you can see if there is any news for you. For example, you will receive a notification when an assignment of yours has been checked. You can also disable certain notifications: you can read more about this in this article.

4. The account menu

When you click on your initial in the top right, you can view and modify various (account) details. For example:

  • Notifications
  • Your account details
  • Help Center
  • Your subscription
  • Log out

In this article, we explain what you can view and modify when you click on "my account".



Once you click on your initial in the top right corner, of the screen, you can view multiple (account) data and settings and adjust these. For example;

  • Notifications
  • Account details
  • Help Center
  • Your subscription
  • Signing off

In this article we explain what information you can see and what settings you can adjust in the account menu.



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