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Sometimes a school or organization pays for the subscription of its users. For example, schools usually cover the subscription of coaches who teach using the learning platform, and in certain cases, they also pay for the participants. Schools can do this by ordering prepaid codes from us. The prepaid code is paid in advance, and when a user redeems the prepaid code, they don't need to pay for a subscription themselves. The user can enter the prepaid code on their account to activate the subscription.

Prepaid codes are generally ordered at once for multiple teachers and/or participants. This is typically done by a team leader, department head, or a member of the procurement department. We advise teachers not to order prepaid codes (for themselves) independently unless absolutely necessary. It is important that the billing information is as complete as possible, and as few separate invoices as possible are sent.


Conditions for Working with Prepaid Codes

  • Only affiliated organizations can order prepaid codes for All You Can Learn.
  • Students cannot order prepaid codes themselves.
  • Verification of your role within your organization is done based on your email address. Therefore, always provide your business email address when placing an order. This is also where the codes will be emailed when your request is processed.

What are the steps for ordering prepaid codes?

This depends on how the financial administration of your organization operates. Some schools use a procurement system like Proquro. In that case, there is no need to fill out the online order form.

In both cases, you first determine how many prepaid codes you want to order and the duration of the subscriptions. A complete overview of the offerings and costs can be found here (page in Dutch). 


With Procurement System

If you work with Proquro or another procurement system, a PDF is generated with all the necessary details. All organizations using All You Can Learn are aware of which email address this PDF should be sent to. Contact us if you are unsure or do not know.


Without Procurement System

If your organization does not use Proquro or a similar system, you can place an order by filling out our online form. After determining the number of licenses and their duration, follow these steps:

  1. Check with your own educational institution what the correct procedure is for placing an order. Some schools only accept invoices that include their own purchase order number. For this reason, we can process the order only if a purchase order number is provided. The same applies to providing a cost center.
  2. Once you have all the necessary information, you can fill out this form. If you have any questions, you can contact our support department.
  3. Your order is complete. We strive to process all orders within two business days. You will receive a spreadsheet with the prepaid codes, which you can then distribute to the teachers and students they were intended for.




It is important that you use one of the above methods for ordering. If you go through both procedures, your order will be processed twice!


My organization doesn't use order numbers or cost centers. What should I do?

The field for a reference is mandatory, but not every school works with a procurement system. If you are certain that your financial department does not require this, you can enter 'n/a' or use this input field for another reference.

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