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We offer an exam for most learning programs. All our exams are developed by certified exam supplier Using the exams on the platform is included in the subscription fee and does not entail any additional costs.

Exams consist of several parts. In most cases, part 1 is submitting a report or a vlog and part 2 consists of the CGI. NB; this may differ per exam. For the exact description, you can download the documents 'Candidate Exam Instructions' and 'Assessor Exam Instructions'. You can read how to do this in the article 'Download exam files' under For coaches > The exam.

Releasing the exam consists of two steps:

  1. Assessing the sample
  2. Release the exam.

When a participant has reached the 80% mark or has completed enough assignments to complete the learning program with an exam, you can start the sample in your coaching environment. The sample consists of numerous randomly generated assignments, that the participant has already completed in the learning program. Based on these assignments, you can assess whether the student has sufficiently mastered the material and is ready for the exam.

1. Assess sample

Once you have checked all assignments (max. 6) from a participant's sample, you can assess the entire sample by clicking on 'Reject sample' or 'Approval sample'. Read more about this in the article 'The sample' under For coaches > The exam.


2. Release the exam

After approving the entire sample, you will then see the button with which you can release the exam. From the moment you click on 'Release Exam', the participant can view the instructions and submit a file. The instruction that the participant sees corresponds to the instruction in the document 'candidate exam instructions', which you, as a coach, can download under the heading 'Exams' in the learning program.

A time indication is given for each part, but there is no time limit on the exam. The instruction remains available to the participant until a file is submitted.

As soon as the student has clicked on 'Submit final', the exam is closed and the student can no longer access it.

steekproef en examen vrijgeven EN.gif


Exam overview and status

After releasing the exam, as a coach, you will see the following information:

  • The assessor
  • The date the exam was released
  • The date the exam started


Grading the exam

As soon as the student has submitted the exam file, you can see the submitted work. You can download the submitted work by clicking on the files. After both parts of the exam are completed, you can enter the assessment for the exam under 'Assessment' and add feedback. Select the type of assessment you want to enter. You can choose from:

  • O/ V/ G (Fail, Pass, Good)
  • A grade

Check within your organization which type of assessment you should use. Then add the feedback and click 'Finish review'. Read more about entering an assessment in the article 'Assessing an exam' under For coaches > The exam.

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