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If you are not linked to the correct organization, you cannot connect to the coaching account of a teacher within the same organization, and your submitted work cannot be reviewed.

When you don't log in the right way, it's possible that your account is not linked to the correct organization. Many schools have their own design for the platform, but this isn't always the case. To verify if you are linked to the correct organization, you can perform the following check:

  1. Click on your initials in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on 'My account.'
  3. Look under 'Organization' at the bottom of your personal information.

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What should I do if my organization is incorrect?

The most common reason is that you haven't logged in through "Entree." If you usually log in through "Entree" for your organization and you don't do so once, a new account will be automatically created for you. You can get back to your old account by logging out, deleting your cookies, and logging in again through "Entree."


There might be another reason why your organization isn't correct, such as a glitch or because you have worked with All You Can Learn at a different school. In that case, get in touch with Support.


I've already used the account with the incorrect organization. What should I do now?

First, log in again through "Entree," and if it doesn't work, try using an incognito window. Even in this case, contact the Support department. After you've created a new account, we can transfer the content from the unlinked account for you, including any subscription you may have purchased on it.



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