For whom is All You Can Learn?

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On All You Can Learn, you will find a wide range of courses. The content of these programs mostly aligns with a specific vocational training component within the MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education) curriculum. As a result, these courses are typically used in the context of an MBO course.


For guidance, review, and examinations, it is necessary to be linked to a coach while progressing through a learning program. When you are studying at the MBO level, this coach is usually a teacher from your educational institution.


It is certainly possible to independently engage with All You Can Learn if you wish to expand your knowledge. In this case, when you first log in, choose not to log in via "Entree" but directly through All You Can Learn and create an account using your personal email.


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However, please note that in this situation, we do not provide coaching as a service. Therefore, there will be no one to review your assignments or conduct your exams. Nevertheless, you can still subscribe, follow a learning program at your own pace, and complete it.

If you are following a learning program as part of your MBO education, please read our articles on registration and login procedures, subscribing, and linking to a coach.


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