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When you customize a personal learning set, you can use content templates to save time. This can save you a lot of time, allowing you more time to focus on the content of your learning set, tailoring it to align with the priorities of your organization.

What are content templates?

When working on your own learning set in All You Can Learn, you can add assignments and build them from different content blocks. Content templates are pre-designed layouts for assignments created by our design team. You can add these to a learning set, eliminating the need to build each assignment from scratch. Some content blocks are already set up, providing a starting point for further assignment development.


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Why use content templates?

By utilizing content templates, you can save yourself time by only needing to adjust the assignments in detail and add content. This can be a significant time-saver. Additionally, content templates can guide you if you're new to modifying learning sets, allowing you to focus on content while becoming familiar with the course editor.

Which content templates are available, and what are they suitable for?

There are eight different options to choose from.

Build Yourself 

This option is not really a template but the absence of one. The layout is entirely blank, giving you complete freedom in structuring the assignment.


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A traditional layout where elements are displayed one below the other. Suitable for assignments with a brief introduction and one or more multiple-choice or open questions.


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In this layout, content is displayed side by side. For example, you can provide a short introduction with a video on the left and the actual assignment with a file upload on the right.

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Accordion means the assignment consists of collapsible content. You can use this to emphasize that the assignment has multiple parts that need to be navigated in a specific order. The content appears for the participant only when clicked.


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With this layout, you can place tabs next to each other within the same screen, with the participant only able to see one at a time. Suitable for assignments focused more on acquiring knowledge than applying it.


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This layout is suitable for participants to analyze their own work using the STARR method.


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This layout is suitable for participants to be accountable for their project's time planning.


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How does it work?

When you start using the course editor, you can add, remove, and modify assignments. You encounter content templates only when adding a brand-new assignment as a new element to your learning set. After adding the assignment as a new element, you customize it. Clicking on the assignment to do so reveals the various templates you can use. By clicking on the dots under the templates, you can browse through the different options. Then, choose one and proceed with the content aspects of your assignment.


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When you select a template, your assignment is initially filled with sample content to give you a better idea of the possibilities. You can then delete the sample content and replace it with what you want. You can also choose to modify the layout by adding or removing elements. In essence, you have the ability to change the assignment completely until nothing of the original template remains!

You are automatically presented with the templates every time you edit an empty assignment or theory card within your learning set. When creating quiz questions, it is not possible to use content templates.

Keep in mind that you can only work with content templates when working with your custom learning sets. If you want to modify the standard learning set, you need to make a copy first. Also, you won't encounter them if you only modify assignments, as the existing layout serves as the starting point. Content templates are only available when creating new assignments.



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