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Some courses on the platform are concluded with an exam, but this is not always the case. Therefore, for courses where no exam is attached, it is possible to mark them as completed, for your own administration and to reflect that the participant has achieved something.


How does it work?

As a coach, you determine when a participant has completed a course; it does not happen automatically. This may change in the future. Essentially, you can mark a participant's course as 'Completed' at any time, although the intention is, of course, to do this only after the participant has completed a substantial part of the assignments.

To mark a participant's course as completed, go to the participant's portfolio and click on the 'Mark as completed' button. A menu will appear on the side where you can enter a pass/fail/good rating or a grade. You can also choose to complete it without a rating or only with a pass/fail evaluation. Optionally, you can provide a brief explanation. Then click 'Complete' in the top right to finalize it.



What if I accidentally marked a course as 'Completed' or I change my mind?

You can revisit the student's portfolio and click on 'View assessment'. A button will appear in the top right corner that allows you to reverse the completion. For the participant as well, the course will no longer be considered completed.




How does it look for the participant?

As a participant, the next time you visit the course after your coach has marked it as completed, you will receive a notification on the screen: "Congratulations! You have completed the course. Below, view your review and feedback below." After that, you can still click through to the course to, for example, view your own submitted work and potentially add it to an exhibition.


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