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When you use the learning platform 'All You Can Learn', you can only obtain this directly from us (Brainstud B.V.) as a publisher. It is therefore not possible to take out a license via other distribution channels, such as Studers. It is possible, however, to put All You Can Learn for students on the list of educational resources. Students then purchase the license from the educational institution, and the educational institution then buys the license from us.


Text for the educational resources list

Make sure the text below appears on the educational resources list:

“The cost of All You Can Learn can range between $15,50 and $59,50.
You take out a subscription for a certain period. As soon as you start taking electives, you will receive instructions from your teacher on how to purchase a subscription.”

Also download the icon for All You Can Learn here, and send it along if possible. A complete overview of the available subscription lengths and the costs can be found here.


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ISBN number

The general ISBN for All You Can Learn is 9789082570199.

If you want to put a specific learning program on the resource list, you can also mention this ISBN number. If you would like to know the ISBN number for a specific learning program, please contact us.

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