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As a student you basically have access to all the courses we offer. However, your school or organization may decide that you cannot choose all the courses. This happens, for example, when there are no coaches available for certain courses. Your school or organization will then lock these courses so that you will not be able to choose them (any longer).



When you are logged in, and have a valid subscription, you will see the entire library of courses. Enrolling in a course goes is done as follows:

  1. Browse the learning programs in our library. You can view them by category, such as 'optional modules,' 'generic courses,' or 'profile courses.' You can also filter by profile (category) or the number of SBU (study load hours). To do this, click on the 'filter' button above the offering. If you already know which learning program you will follow, it's best to use the search function.


  2. When you click the tile of a course, you will see all kinds of information about the course. For example, read the description of the course, watch the trailer and the number of study hours (SBU). Below all the information, click the blue button that says ‘Enroll’ to sign up.

  3. Select your coach. If the right coach is not listed, check if you are linked to the correct organization. Also, verify with your coach whether they are already enrolled in the same learning program. You can only choose coaches from the same organization who are already enrolled in the same program.
  4. Choose the correct learning set. Usually, this will be the learning set for the current school year. Your coach may have created their own learning set; in that case, you will likely receive instructions from your coach on which set to choose. If you are unsure which learning set to choose, it's best to discuss it with your coach. We recommend against switching sets if you have already started assignments because you cannot transfer your completed work to another learning set.
  5. Choose the correct level.




Do you want to leave a course, for example because you want to quit it, or enrolled by accident? Then it's possible to unenroll. You can unenroll from a course as follows:

  1. Select the course underneath the heading 'Library'. Do not select it underneath 'My courses'.
  2. You will see a cogwheel at the top right of the description of the course. Click on it. 
  3. You will see a short overview of your settings, with a button underneath that says 'Unenroll from course'. Click on that and then click 'Yes, unenroll' to confirm your choice.
  4. You have now unenrolled from the course.

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