Developing a custom learning program

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Many learning programs on the learning platform are developed by ourselves as a publisher. In addition, however, it is always possible to develop a tailored learning program for your organization or educational institution in collaboration.

We have already set up great learning programs with various educational institutions and centers of expertise. There are several options:


1. Offer existing content through our platform

Have you already developed content for a learning program yourself, and do you want to offer it through our learning platform? We can certainly discuss possibilities of including this content.


2. Create a collaborative learning program

Are you looking for a particular learning program, and while you may already have ideas about the content, but nothing is available yet? We can discuss possibilities to create content for this, and collaborate at developing a learning program.


3. Start your own Academy

Do you, as an educational institution or organization, want your own learning platform, with its own range of learning programs? Then start your own Academy! Your own Academy is your own learning platform, filled with a range of learning program to suit your needs.

Would you like to know more about a custom learning program or Academy? Then read more here!

Would you like to personalize content, but the above options are not quite what you were looking for? You can also customize existing learning programs on the platform manually to fit your requirements. Read this article about customizing learning programs.


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