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On the All You Can Learn platform everyone needs a valid subscription to use it. We do not distinguish between the different roles (coach or participant) users can have on the platform.

We regularly receive questions about why coaches need to have a paid subscription as well. On one hand this may seem strange, as coaches have a prominent role in the success of our platform. On the other hand our platform offers a significant value to schools that want to approach education in a modern way. After all, the platform offers more than just courses. For example think of the following:

  • A connection to all ICT systems of a school
  • Instructions on the use of the platform, on location (per team)
  • Periodic consultation on location (per team)
  • A student monitoring system
  • Technical and content support
  • Support in terms of examinations
  • The possibility for coaches to create their own content

Because our platforms are new for many educational institutions and these organisations are often decentrally organized, we are forced to pass on this added value to a certain extent. Therefore we ask a contribution per coach that is equal to that of a participant. This contribution for coaches is often paid by the educational institution. In addition, we recommend a 52 week subscription for coaches, so that there is no need to renew it during the school year. It is up to the educational institution whether this advice is accepted. 

By passing on the costs to all users, we do not only have to do this for participants.

This allows us, also in the future, to offer a library full of courses for the price of a book!


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