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In several assignments you receive the task to write a report and hand it in. You can write a report on almost any subject! You can roughly put reports in two different categories: a businesslike and objective report (in which you describe a situation exactly how it has happened, without any personal opinions) or a personal and subjective report (in which you give your personal opinion on the subject).

In this article we provide you with some suggestions to help you write a report.

1. Prepare your report

For example, make some notes or write down some keywords. So you roughly think about the subjects that are of importance for your report, and how you visualize the the final product.

2. Write your report

  • Start with the introduction of your report. Describe briefly and concisely what the report is about, and what you have researched.
  • Now analyze your notes, and determine a logical order for your story. Work with different paragraphs. In each paragraph you describe one important part or topic. By keeping to a logical order and writing paragraphs, you create a neat report.
  • End your report with a conclusion. You state your conclusion and write a short summary of your story.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to add sources or attachments to your report. In the source references you mention the sources (websites, books, newspapers, blogs, people, etc.) you have used to support your report. In the attachments you can add interviews, photographs, diagrams or graphs for example.
  • Now that you know everything that should be covered in your report, you can create a table of contents. In the table of contents you list the different things that will be covered in your report. Place the table of contents on the second page of your report.
  • Finally, you add a cover page for your report. Think of a suitable title that immediately makes clear what the report is about. Make sure the title is not too long. Also place some information such as your name, class, coach ands submission date underneath the title.

3. Finish your report

Is your report finished? Then take a look at the lay-out. Does it look neat? Have you indicated different topics with (sub)headings? Are there any matching images you can still add?

You can also ask someone else to check your report. They can give you feedback so you can make improvements to your report. 

Good luck!


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