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Vlogs, short for video-blogs, are everywhere nowadays. Mainly on social media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but also within businesses or as an advertising tool. Because of this, it is important to know how to create a vlog. For that reason we will regularly ask you to record vlogs during assigments.

In this article we want to provide you with some tools to help you create a vlog.


1. Prepare your vlog

Before you start recording your vlog, make sure you take some preparations. Think about what you are planning to say, and choose whether you want to make a spontaneous recording or work with a script. In a script you write down everything you would like to say, and also think about the structure of the recording. Writing a script takes some time, but it does help you create a well-structured story, and ensures that you don't forget anything.

The next step is deciding where you want to record the vlog. Do you prefer to do this at home, at school, or do you go to a location that is relevant to the subject of the recording?

Also decide what you are going to record the vlog with. You could of course use your mobile phone, but you could also use a professional camera. Always make sure there is enough storage on your phone or camera to save the vlog.

Last, think about how you want to record the vlog. Do you ask somebody else to record you, or will you do it yourself? And if you do it yourself, do you just hold the camera aimed at yourself, do you put the camera down somewhere or do you use a tripod?


2. Record your vlog

Once you are ready to make the vlog, it's useful to make a test recording first. Watch the test recording to check whether you are in the video frame, and make sure the audio is clear.

Once the test recordings have been successful, it's time to make the actual recordings. Check from time to time if the recording is still going well. You can optionally make multiple recordings.


3. Edit your vlog (optional)

Does your vlog look good? Nice job! You can now optionally edit your vlog in an editing program such as Adobe Premiere, iMovie or a (free) online program. In such programs you can for example add text, sounds or music.

Make sure your file isn't larger than 100MB. If it is larger, you can possibly experience problems during the uploading of the file.


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