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Most of the courses we currently offer on All You Can Learn are electives. We also offer other learning programs, such as 'Burgerschap'. A course is always linked to a qualification file (KD).

Most courses are level independent, meaning they can be taken by students of any level. However, it can also happen that a course is level dependent, and is therefore only suitable for a certain level. If this is the case, this is stated in the qualification file, and often in the title of the course.

It is possible that as a coach you teach several students of different levels. Which courses are they allowed to follow, and at what level? We explain it in this article.


1. Level independent courses
Level independent courses can be taken by students of any level. Such a course is linked to one qualification file containing different levels. The teaching in this course (theory, assignments, etc.) is therefore written in such a way that it is understandable for students of all levels.

However, it is usually the case that a level 2 student will need more guidance than a level 3 or level 4 student (who can work independently). Therefore, it's important to discuss with your student what he/she needs.


2. Level Dependent courses
Some learning programs are only aimed at a certain level. We call this level-dependent courses, which can only be followed by students of a certain level. When a course is only suitable for a certain level, this is visible in the qualification file and the title. For example, you can see this in the titles of the following learning programs we offer:

  • ARBO, kwaliteitszorg en hulpverlening - Niveau 2, niveau 3 en niveau 4
  • Blijvend fit, veilig en gezond werken - Niveau 2 , niveau 3 en niveau 4
  • Digitale vaardigheden - Basis (geschikt voor niveau 1 en 2) en Gevorderd (geschikt voor niveau 3 en 4)
  • Duurzaamheid in het beroep - A (niveau 1), B (niveau 2), C (niveau 3) en D (niveau 4)
  • Inspelen op innovaties - Niveau 2, niveau 3 en niveau 4
  • Internationaal I - Bewustzijn (geschikt voor niveau 2 en 3) en Overbruggen (geschikt voor niveau 4)
  • Ondernemend gedrag - Niveau 1 & 2 en niveau 3 & 4
  • Ondernemend vakmanschap - Niveau 2 en niveau 3 & 4

In level-dependent learning programs, each level has its own course that students can follow. The student can always choose to follow a different level, in consultation with the teacher and/or school. The assignments can vary by level, as can the amount of XP per assignment.


Levels and exams
In level independent courses there is only one exam available for all levels.

Level-dependent courses have a separate exam for each level. A student will then take an exam that is only suitable for his/her selected level. For example, if the student takes 'Duurzaamheid in het beroep A', he/she will also receive the exam for 'Duurzaamheid in het beroep A', which is a different exam than for 'Duurzaamheid in het beroep B'.


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