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Occasionally you may need to do an assignment that requires you to fill out a PDF file and then hand it back in.
These can be two different types of PDF files; a PDF file with a checklist or a PDF file with text fields. In a file with a checklist, you will see checkboxes behind the sentences, and you'll only have to check them. In a PDF file with text fields, you will find empty text fields in the text that you can fill in. You will always find the PDF file as a link in the assignment.
To complete and submit a PDF file, you can follow the following steps:


Download the file

Click on the link in the text that refers to the PDF file. As soon as you click on this, the file will be downloaded automatically. You can then find the file among your downloads or files, depending on where your downloaded files are automatically saved on your laptop or computer. To keep everything organised you can move it to your documents if that's not the default folder for downloads.

Fill out and save the file

Open the file on your computer by double clicking on it. You don't need any special programs for this. The file opens in a standard preview program of your laptop or computer. Check whether it is a file where you have to check the checkboxes or fill in text fields. Then fill out the file as indicated. You can then save the file again. You can do this by pressing Command + S (Mac) or CTRL + S (Windows) on your keyboard. The file will be automatically saved back to where you previously saved the PDF file.

Submit the file

Go back to the appropriate assignment of the learning program you are following. Here you can hand in the PDF file and any other files you may have to include in the assignment. This is done in the same way as you would normally submit an assignment.

Click on the 'Add files' button under the heading 'Upload your work here'. Then select all files, including the completed PDF file that you want to submit and wait until the upload bar is completely green and the files have been uploaded. Then click on the 'Submit assignment' button. The PDF file has now been submitted and is visible to your coach.


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