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You’ve probably come across it already, an exercise in which you have to make a podcast. In this article we’ll tell you more about how to make a good podcast. 

  1. What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio recording. However, not every audio recording is a podcast. A podcast is a programme: it has a fixed order. You can compare it with a radioshow. But whereas a radioshow is only transmitted once, a podcast can be listened to anywhere and anytime. It's like Netflix without visuals. Most podcast exercises are done in groups, whereas official podcasts are also made with at least two persons. 

  1. Preparing your podcast

Before you start recording, you need to think about what you are going to talk about. Decide on the structure of your podcast (beginning, middle, end). Often, podcast are centered around a discussion or conversation on a number of topics or questions. You prepare these topics or questions in advance. If you work in a team, make sure you make a clear task division. Will you discuss the topics or questions together, or do you divide them? 

  1. Make sure your hardware is in order

When you are alone, or in the same room with your team, you can use the dictaphone function on your smartphone to record the podcast. When you meet online, for example in Microsoft Teams, you can record the conversation by using an app. Microsoft Teams has a built-in function for recording which you can use. 


  1. Edit your podcast

When you’re finished recording, you’re not completely done. Maybe there are some flaws in the podcast or one of your guests is sneezing during the recording. You need to take these out. Audio editing software like Audacity can help you with this. The software also enables you to add nice transitions between topics. The tool Auphonic can help you with reducing background noise or large differences in volume. 


  1. Save your podcast

The best way to save your podcast is in .mp3 format. This type of file is recognised by most computers. Make sure you give your file a clear name and description. 


  1. Upload your podcast

Don’t forget to upload your podcast on the platform! 


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