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The first thing you see when you've just created an account with coaching rights is the coach dashboard. It will likely be quite empty the first time because you haven't enrolled in a course, and you don't have any participants yet. Students can only select you as their coach when you have enrolled in the learning program they are going to follow.

To enroll in a learning program, first go to the 'Learning Programs' section by clicking on 'Explore courses.'



By clicking on the tab 'All courses,' you can view and add the entire range of learning programs.

You will see all learning programs categorized into different types, such as short courses and optional modules. You can search for titles or filter by educational profile, title, creation date, and number of study load hours. You will also see labels indicating whether a learning program is popular, new, or coming soon. It looks something like this, for example:


If you see an interesting learning program that you want to view or teach, click on the tile of the respective program. A button with 'Enroll' will now appear. By clicking on it, you sign up as a coach for the learning program, and participants can select you to guide them. Note: before adding the learning program definitively to your list, a screen will appear where you can check if the program has an exam. Always check this before finally clicking 'Enroll.'




If the learning program does not have an exam, consult with the examination committee to determine if it is still possible for participants to take the program. Often, it may be an option to use an exam from another provider.

You can find information on how to unenroll from a learning program in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the learning program I want to enroll in not listed? 

It may be that the program is outdated and is no longer actively offered. You can read more about this in this article.

Can I make learning programs on the learning platform invisible? 

No, learning programs cannot be made invisible. Our principle is that users should have access to all the learning programs we offer.

I would like to add a course that is not yet on the platform. Is that possible? 

Yes, we can add any learning program to the platform in consultation. However, a new learning program often needs to be developed. You can find all the information about developing a custom learning program here.


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