Adding a participant to a group

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As a coach you can add your participants to a group. By adding them to a group, you’ll have a better overview of your participants in the platform. Here’s how you can add a participant to a group:

  1. Go to ‘my participants’. 

  2. Tick the boxes in front of the participants’ names that you would like to group. 

  3. An ‘actions’ pop up appears with a group button. Click on the button to group your participants. 

  4. A pop up will appear in which you can further define your action and give your group a name. Click on apply to save the group. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Can a participant add a group?
    No, only coaches can make- and add people to groups at this moment. 

  • Can I view my participants per group?
    Yes you can. When you click on ‘group’ in your participant overview, the platform will automatically sort your participants on a group level. 

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