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As soon as the student has submitted an exam file, you can see the submitted work under the heading 'Exam' of the relevant participant. That will look something like the following:


You can download the student's file here by clicking on the file, view how long it took the participant to complete the exam and enter an assessment. Both parts of the exam can be assessed using the documents that you will find under the heading 'Exams'. Read more about downloading the exam files in the article 'Downloading exam files' under For coaches > The exam. The assessment form that you can open and complete in Excel automatically calculates a score.

Please note: We recommend appointing at least one independent assessor. So this is someone other than the coach.

beoordelingsformulier zoeken EN.gif


Has the score been calculated? Then you can fill this in and then save it. Select the type of assessment you want to enter. You can choose from:

  • O/ V/ G (Fail, Pass, Good)
  • A grade

Check within your organization which type of assessment you should use. Then add the feedback and click 'Finish review'. Once the assessment has been saved, it is possible to download a proof of participation. The participant will see which assessment he or she has achieved, including any feedback, but cannot download proof of participation themselves.




Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I also download a proof of participation for a participant who has not taken the exam?
    No, unfortunately this is not possible. The proof of participation is only available when a participant has completed the exam.
  • Can the exam be retaken?
    System-technically this is possible, provided this is permitted within the school's policy. To have an exam re-released, you can click on the 'Start resit' button after the exam has been rejected. This releases the exam back into the student's environment. The student can view the assignment again and upload and submit a new file.
  • The student has forgotten to upload a file, now what?
    An (extra) file can only be submitted when the exam is released again. In that case, send us an email with the name of the student in question and the title of the learning program. We can reopen the exam, but will not be liable if this violates school policy.
  • The student's subscription has ended, but only the exam still needs to be handed in. What now?
    The exam must be handed in within the subscription period. Once it has expired, it must be renewed to gain access to the exam. Tip! Tell students not to use the 10 days trial subscription immediately after registration. If they hang on to these 10 free days they might be very useful to extend their subscription in order to be able to finish the exam when their regular subscription is about to expire.
  • My school uses a different exam than the one available on the learning platform, is that possible?
    Your school may choose to use a different exam than the one offered on the learning platform. You can then see the final assignment as a practice exam that students can take prior to their own exam. Also let students know that this is the case!

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