Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

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What is two factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way to add an extra layer of security to your account. It is also known as two-step verification, because after entering your username and password, an extra step is added to the login. In practice, this is usually done by means of an app on your phone with which you generate a code, which you then have to enter on the device on which you want to log in. The same goes for All You Can Learn Two-Factor Authentication.


Why use 2FA?

When you have set up 2FA, your stored data is has better protection against hackers and other malicious parties. Even if someone knows your password, they can't get into your account! After all, you also need your phone to log in. It may seem inconvenient to have to enter a code every time you log in. But for many users, this extra layer of security is a wise choice. Compare it to double locking your bicycle.


Google Authenticator

To set up 2FA you need an authenticator app, for example Google Authenticator. First install this app on your phone:

Optionally, you can also use another authenticator app, such as those from Microsoft or Authy.


How do I set up 2FA?

To enable 2FA follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your All You Can Learn account.
  2. Click on your name at the top right and choose 'My account'.


  3. A new screen will open. Click on 'Security' on the right side.
  4. Click the red button that says 'Enable'

  5. A QR-code appears on your screen. Open the authenticator app on your phone and click the plus symbol at the bottom right. Scan the QR code with your authenticator app. Now the authenticator app is linked to your All You Can Learn account!


  6. You will see a code on your phone. You then enter this under the QR code on your screen. Click 'Next' to continue.


  7. You will then be presented with a set of ten recovery codes. You can use these codes if your phone has been left at home, stolen or broken.
    Save the recovery codes carefully in case your phone becomes unavailable! You cannot log in without a code!

    Then click 'Continue'.

  8. Done! You now have 2FA enabled. In the future you will now always have to enter a code after entering your email address and password. The codes are refreshed every 30 seconds. Always use the most recent code.

    If you don't have your phone with you, you can use the codes you generated when turning on 2FA in step 7. Make sure to generate new recovery codes in time when they are running out! You can do this by going back to your 'My account' (see step 2) and clicking the 'Generate recovery rodes' button.


Turning off 2FA

If you no longer want to use 2FA, you can disable this extra security feature. Even if you change telephone or telephone number, you must temporarily disable 2FA. You do this by:

  1. Going to 'My account' again and then clicking on '2FA'. You will see a button on the right that allows you to disable 2FA. Note: to disable 2FA you still have to enter a new verificationcode
  2. After you have entered the verification code (the most recent code from your authenticator app), click 'Next'. You will then see a confirmation that two-step verification has been disabled. After that, you no longer need to log in with the authenticator app.


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