The breakdown of learning programs by Qualification File as of the 2021-2022 school year

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Every school year we expand our offer and we re-evaluate at the current learning programs to decide  which improvements can still be. In the 2021-2022 school year, we chose to take a closer look at some of our current learning programs. Firstly, we have made changes and improvements to the teaching materials to ensure the assignments are more in line with the corresponding qualification files. In addition to these changes to the assignments, we made another important change. Our learning programs are split per qualification file. In this article we explain exactly what this means for you as a coach, and for your students.

1. One learning program per qualification file

Each qualification file now has its own learning program. We used to group several qualification files under one title. This applies to the following learning programs:

Old learning program New learning programs from school year 2021-2022 onward Qualification file number
ARBO, kwaliteitszorg en hulpverlening ARBO, kwaliteitszorg en hulpverlening geschikt voor niveau 2 K0003
  ARBO, kwaliteitszorg en hulpverlening geschikt voor niveau 3 K0262
  ARBO, kwaliteitszorg en hulpverlening geschikt voor niveau 4 K0263
Blockchain (inhoud niet gewijzigd) Blockchain - ori├źntatie K1105
  Blockhain - verdieping K1114
Duurzaamheid in het beroep Duurzaamheid in het beroep A K0028
  Duurzaamheid in het beroep B K0029
  Duurzaamheid in het beroep C K0030
  Duurzaamheid in het beroep D K0031
Digitale vaardigheden Digitale vaardigheden basis K0022
  Digitale vaardigheden gevorderd K0023
Inspelen op innovaties  Inspelen op innovaties geschikt voor niveau 2 K0224
  Inspelen op innovaties geschikt voor niveau 3 K0225
  Inspelen op innovaties geschikt voor niveau 4 K0226
Internationaal I Internationaal I: bewustzijn (interculturele) diversiteit K0055
  Internationaal I: overbruggen (interculturele) diversiteit K0210
Ondernemend gedrag Ondernemend gedrag (geschikt voor niveau 1 en 2) K0211
  Ondernemend gedrag (geschikt voor niveau 3 en 4) K0072
Ondernemend vakmanschap Ondernemend vakmanschap, geschikt voor niveau 2 K0753
  Ondernemend vakmanschap, geschikt voor niveau 3 en 4 K0389
Verdieping blijvend fit, veilig en gezond werken Verdieping blijvend fit, veilig en gezond werken (geschikt voor niveau 2) K0516
  Verdieping blijvend fit, veilig en gezond werken (geschikt voor niveau 3 en 4)

Zorg(innovatie) en technologie (inhoud niet gewijzigd) Zorg & Technologie K0137
  Zorginnovatie en technologie K0138

Did you supervise any of these courses in a previous school year, and will you be supervising them again this school year? Then you need to subscribe to the new versions. New students only see the new titles. So they cannot select an outdated program. They can't select you as a coach until you've added the new titles as well. You can find all new tiles/titles under 'aanbod'. Learn more about subscribing to a new learning program here.




2. Impact on level

In previous school years several qualification files were grouped under one title in some cases. Therefore students had to indicate their level at the start of the learning program, to ensure they were shown the correct assignments and eventually also the correct exam. Now that the learning programs are broken down by qualification file, choosing a level is no longer necessary. Students can always opt for the 'General' level. This is also the only option that is selectable. It is best to check which courses of which levels a qualification file is linked on the S-BB website. This differs per qualification file. Some qualification files and the corresponding learning programs include several levels, others only one. When several levels belong to the same qualification file all assignments and exams will also match for the respective levels.


3. Impact on participants from earlier years and custom learning sets

If you still have students from last year or earlier who have worked on one of these legacy learning programs previously, these students will remain visible under the 'old' tile/title. As their coach, you will continue to have access to their work for as long as you want to. Would you rather unsubscribe from the learning program? You can read here how to do that. Note: When you unsubscribe from a learning program, you also automatically unlink all students that fall under it.

Did you also create your own learning set in a previous school year? This will not be visible to new students, as they can only opt for the new versions of the learning programs. We recommend you use the new assignments as much as possible. By using your own sets you run the risk of using outdated teaching material. Do you still want to keep using your previously made set? Then we can transfer these to the new learning program. In that case, please contact us.


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