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The learning platform has been designed with the utmost care and is continuously being improved. However, it's possible that you may encounter a system error or find that a certain functionality is missing. In this article, you can find out what you can do if you experience these issues.


A system error prevents me from continuing my work. What can I do?


Is there a missing button, or is your input not being processed? It's possible that the system isn't functioning as it should. In that case, you can report the issue so that we're aware of the problem and can work on a solution.

Before making a report, please make sure to thoroughly check if there's indeed a system error. Confirm whether you're logged in correctly and if all settings are accurate. You can consult other articles in this Help Center for assistance if needed.

Are you experiencing login problems? First, try the suggestions in this article.

If it still seems like you're dealing with a system error, it's wise to get in touch. You can call or email us, or you can report an issue via our help widget located at the bottom right of every page in the Help Center. After opening the widget, just type 'contact employee'. The chatbot will help you get in touch with us. It may speak Dutch, but when you are in contact with a support agent it's no problem to have the conversation in English. You can also just leave a message.




I'd like to suggest an improvement for the learning platform. Where can I go?

Submitting a New Suggestion

If you have feedback about the functionality of the platform, it might not be a system error but rather a missing feature that you'd like to see or one that you believe could be improved. You can do this by clicking on 'Give feedback' in the account menu at the top right of the screen. A sidebar will then appear. You can submit a new suggestion for a feature you'd like to see on the platform by clicking on 'Submit your idea!' at the top. Please provide clear explanations of your suggestion so that we can fully understand what you mean!


Scherm­afbeelding 2024-03-29 om 12.56.50.png

Viewing Projects and Providing Comments

You'll also see a list of new ideas where you can add suggestions and it's also possible to 'like' ideas to let our developers know that you support them. Under the 'In Development' tab, you'll see which new features you can expect in the future. Your suggestion might eventually appear here too!


suggestie EN.gif


We can't promise that every functional suggestion will be considered. The suggestion must not only be practically feasible but also suitable and useful for other users, and comply with legal frameworks. However, we greatly appreciate it when our users contribute ideas about how the platform operates because suggestions from users who use it daily give us a good understanding of what works well or could be improved. So please let us know if you have a suggestion. Who knows, your idea might appear on our roadmap soon!

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