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Are you no longer available as a coach for a certain course, for example because there are no longer any participants taking it, then you can also unenroll. You can do this three different ways. The first way is by hovering your mouse over the title of the course. A red button that says 'Unenroll' will appear. This will look something like below:

Click this button. A pop-up screen will now appear in which you can choose to transfer your students to another coach. This is not mandatory, but in case it is desired, select the name of the coach you would like to transfer the students to. Then afterwards click 'unenroll' again. 

You can also unenroll from courses through the general overview. Click on the title of course you want to unenroll from, and click on 'Unenroll'

Finally you can also unenroll within the course itself. To do this, click on 'more' right next to the title of the course. You will be redirected to a screen where you can add assistant coaches and unenroll.

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