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Once your coach has assessed the sample, the exam can be released. Once they have done this, you can open it directly in your learning program. It will be displayed like this:


Before you start the exam, read through the feedback your coach has given on the assignments from the sample. Click on the button 'Check feedback', at the top left of the exam assignment. Keep this feedback in mind when you take the exam.

Then click on 'Start exam'. Read the exam instruction now by clicking on the 'next' arrow.



In the last screen of the exam instruction you can hand in your exam files by uploading them, and then clicking on 'Definitely hand in'. Always check whether you have uploaded all your files correctly, because you can only hand in the exam once. NB! Are you submitting a video? Then make sure that it is no larger than 100MB, or read this article about submitting a (too large) video.




After you have submitted the exam files, your assessor will review them. If your submitted work meets the quality requirements, you can be invited by your assessor for the next part of the exam. This depends on the learning program for which you are taking the exam.

2. The assessment

Have you completed your exam? Well done! Your assessor will now grade the exam. When your exam has been assessed, you will find the assessment in the learning program. You can click on 'View assessment' to see which rating you have achieved, and to read back any feedback. For example, it could look like this:


Please note: whether you receive a number grade or an unsatisfactory/satisfactory/good-assessment depends on which educational institution you attend.

When finished you can ask your coach to download a proof of participation for you. With this you can show everyone that you have successfully completed a learning program!



  • My exam application has been rejected. What do I do now?
    When your exam request has been rejected, you will see a notification in your learning program. You can now view the feedback your coach has entered and improve the submitted assignments based on this feedback. Then ask your coach to start a new sample.
  • Is there a time limit to do the exam?
    There is no time limit. Once the exam is released, the exam will remain open until you submit a file. A time duration is indicated for each exam component. This is not supervised by your coach, it only gives you an indication of ​​how quickly you can complete the assignment.
  • I've forgotten to hand in a file. What can I do?
    You can only submit an (extra) file when the exam is reopened. Your coach, assessor or the examination board can request this from us. Please contact your coach for this.
  • Can I retake the exam?
    You can only resit an exam if this is allowed within your educational institution. Please contact your coach, assessor or the Examination Board for this. They can apply to us to reopen the exam.
  • Can I get an exemption for (part of) the assignments and take the exam earlier?
    On the learning platform, you normally only have access to your exam if you have obtained a sufficient amount of XP, and your coach has approved the sample. You can only take the exam earlier if your coach has released it manually. Whether or not this is allowed depends on your educational institution. Please contact your coach, assessor or the Examination Board for this.
  • Can I also receive a certificate of participation if I have not taken the exam?
    No, this is not possible. You will only receive a certificate of participation when you have successfully completed a learning program!
  • My subscription has ended, but I only have to hand in my exam. What do I do now?
    When your subscription ends, you can't continue working in a learning program. However, your submitted work and progress will still be saved. In order to hand in your exam assignment, you need to purchase a new subscription. Tip: Every user receives 10 days of free use of the learning platform from us. If you haven't used these yet you can use them to complete your exam!
  • If I have completed a learning program, do I have to take another exam?
    No. The final assignments of (most) learning programs on the platform are certified exam assignments. Please note: your educational institution may decide to use a different exam.

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