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When you want to select a coach to connect to in one of the learning programs, it is possible that the teacher who is supposed to be your coach is not in the list. This can have various causes. Here's how to check if everything is set up correctly.

  • Make sure your account is linked to your school. Do you suddenly no longer have a subscription or does the platform look different from your fellow students? In that case you may have logged in incorrectly and have accidentally created a new profile. In most cases, it helps if you log in via Entree with your student email and the associated password. If you're having trouble logging in, read this article. If this does not provide a useful answer, please contact us.
  • Make sure you and your coach are enrolled in the same learning program. You must both be enrolled in the exact same learning program. For example 'Digitale vaardigheden' is not the same as 'Digitale vaardigheden basis'! Only when your coach is registered for the same learning program can you select them!
  • Are you and your coach both correctly associated with the same educational institution and enrolled in the same learning program, but you still can't select them? Then there may be a technical problem. In such a case, it is best to contact our support department so that we can help you further.

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