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A learning set is a collection of assignments that the participants need to do in order to complete their learning program. Not all participants work with the same set of assignments.


Every year, a new learning set is added with the name of the current school year to each active learning program. This learning set may differ in content from the previous year's learning set, ranging from a minor update to fix a dead link, to adding completely new assignments. We therefore recommend that new participants always start in the most recent available learning set, because outdated learning sets are no longer maintained.

As a coach, you can also add custom learning sets yourself. For example, to better align the content of a learning program with the specialism of the educational institution where you work.


My participants have all correctly selected me as a coach for a learning program, yet I don't see everyone when I watch a learning program. What could be causing this?

When you open a learning program in the coaching environment, you view one learning set at a time. It is therefore possible that you do not see all participants that you coach in a learning program, because the participants are working in different learning sets.

You can see which learning set you are viewing under the title of the learning program. You can switch between learning sets by clicking on it and then selecting another one from the list. In the example below you see that participant Henk only appears when the coach looks at the learning set 'Leerjaar 2021-2022.


All You Can Learn default learning sets are usually named after a school year. However, this does not mean that participants who have not completed their learning program within one year have to switch learning sets after the summer holidays. If they do, they will no longer see their existing progress and often need to contact the support department to make this right. It is best for participants to continue working in the learning set they have already started.


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